We are struggling with a moral dilemma.  We hate the thought of ever-growing landfills and feel we have a moral responsibility to do what we can to prevent our garments adding to them.

We therefor ask you to make a commitment when you purchase your T-shirt.  You must only buy it if you commit to doing your utmost to keeping it out of a landfill.  You must only buy it if you love it and promise to wear it forever and when it is no longer wearable that you will find a new use for it, whether you frame it, save the image on a new T-shirt, make a cushion cover, add to a lampshade, make napkins or even the softest underwear – you decide.  You can let us know in years to come.

This should not be a problem for a very long time as they will wear well.  We have used the softest 100% ultra cotton T-shirts, ensuring a long life .  Please be sure to follow care instructions; cool wash, cool iron and iron T-shirt inside out.   We are counting on it lasting well, increasing the time you have to love it – a proven way of keeping things out of landfill.