is thrilled to unveil a newly uncovered photographic chronicle of punk bands from 1976 – 1984,  capturing the creativity, originality, passion, style, excitement, fun and gritty reality of those early days.
The collection features early heroes who helped lay the foundations of punk and include The Clash, The Jam, The 101ers, The Nips, Madness, Sid Vicious, Tenpole Tudor,  Skrewdriver and many more.
The images are in the high contrast style of the period and are now available for the first time on fine quality 
T-shirts, designed to last.

First to be released is the Clash Collection, taken at their legendary gig in London’s Hammersmith Palais in 1977.  The dramatic images conjure up the band’s high energy sound and their attitude to the times.



NEW ARRIVAL  –  The SID Collection
We are delighted to present new images of the legend that was Sid Vicious.  In his short career with the Sex Pistols, Vicious managed to pack it all in but it was to end in tragedy.  Sid and girlfriend Nancy Spungeon left London for America at the end of 1978.  The pair checked into New York’s famous Chelsea Hotel and soon made their presence known, but within weeks Sid claimed he awoke from a drug stupor and found Nancy’s body.  She had died from a single stab wound.  The full facts were never established as Sid died of a heroin overdose in Feb 1979 before the case came to court. And so was the sad end of the charismatic Sid who embodied so much of the spirit of the times.

The images were taken at the then Music Machine (now Koko’s) the night before Sid and Nancy left London for New York.  Sid joined former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock plus his band Steve New and Rusty Egan of the Rich Kids and re-named themselves The Vicious Rich Kids for the fabled one-off gig.  It was chaotic between numbers – at one point Nancy strolled onstage to hand Sid a spliff,  but the alchemy of performers and the unlimited parameters and expectations of the times produced an unforgettable experience that felt like Essence of Punk Level 2 – a truly fitting London farewell to the one and only Sid.



IN The Sid Collection you can select which of his quotes you would like, including
“The record shows, I’ve got no clothes, and did it My Way.”
“I like to have fun.  Any kind of fun.  That’s my object in life”
“I’d like to be the lead singer in an all girl band”

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All images from The Clash Collection are from a gig at London’s fabled
Hammersmith Palais in 1977.


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Hidden for 40 years in a battered old trunk, somehow surviving eight house moves and periods of dubious storage, this unseen photographic collection chronicles the rise and rise of punk in London from 1976 to 1984 and is now being unearthed for the first time, reviving memories of those exciting times.
In that golden explosion of musical expression new bands were appearing all over the place.    Fortunately, Soho was bursting at the seams with great venues like the Vortex and the WAG with the 100 club at the top of the street, all  minutes walk from each other; plus music pubs like the Hope and Anchor, the Nashville, Dublin Castle, Pindar of Wakefield and so many others that regularly hosted bands in their back room.  London was jumping.   It was young and alive and was screaming of its time.  People were living in squats; Maggie was on the throne, the miners and firemen were striking and the bands were doing benefits gigs.  They had something to say and made sure they seized the moment with pure youthful joy and attitude. 
The music was the vital glue that made you feel connected and alive.

This collection documents the years from 1976 to the punk-evolved, nascent emergence of the Pogues in 1984.
It includes the 101ers, the Clash, the Jam, Tenpole Tudor, Sid Vicious, Madness, the Stranglers, Skrewdriver, the Rezillos, the Nipple Erectors and the Pogues. Also included are predecessors and influential giants like Phil Lynott, Link Ray and others.
Most bands are shown in their very early days and capture the grittiness and philosophy of original punk, reflecting how multi-faceted and creative it was in the beginning, brimming with naked energy and pure commitment.
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Coming next:  Sid Vicious and The Jam

These never before seen images are available for the first time on T-shirts and will soon be available as  posters and limited edition photographs.  Click here to stay posted.